Every Version Of Sony Playstation 2 Made Repair Manual Software

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Every Version Of Sony Playstation 2 Made Repair Manual Software

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The PS-2 has a series of common problems that are faced by gamers around the world. Most, 95%, of PS/2 problems are easily fixed in under 30 minutes. The PS2 Home Repair Guide walks you through the repair process with step-by-step instructions & detailed color photos. Common problems can be resolved by anyone using this book and household tools. Don't waste $$$ on expensive, time-consuming repair shops or on buying a new console when you can fix it yourself right now.

This gives you the ability to view technical repair information from your personal computer. These manuals are perfect for people who like to save money and fix their vehicles themselves.

Every Version Of Sony Playstation 2 Made Repair Manual

Versions covered
Version 1, Version 2, Version 3, Version 4, Version 5, Version 6, Version 7, Version 8 Released in Japan Only, Version 9

This manual contains what is listed below and so much more.

New Troubleshooting Section to point you in the right direction
BRAND NEW VERSION- You will be amazed
Fix Disc Read Errors
Fix Power Supply problems
Adjust the laser voltage
Fix Blue Discs not playing problems
CD tray won't open - after being dropped
Fix PS2 when it makes grinding noises
Remove DVD parental password
Replace power/eject ribbon cable (Ver 4 and higher)
Replace a bad laser assembly
Determining your PS2 version
What to do if your problem can't easily be fixed
Simple fixes anybody can do
Step by step instructions
Lots of photos to guide you
Small price to pay for BIG results
BONUS SECTION-Where to get cheap PS2 Games and a whole lot more!

Most Playstation 2 problems are easy to fix if you know how. This manual will show you exactly how to fix them. It's quick and simple. Full step by step instructions with pictures are included. ANYONE CAN DO IT!-Read what others are saying!

SoftwareDesignz ,
I was skeptical about this manual before I tried it. I recently acquired a ps2 from a friend who said it didn't work. I purchased your manual and it is now working just like new. I also repaired my son's ps2 that was having the same disc read error problem. I would like to thank you for saving me $220.00. I was going to send both machines to sony for repairs until I found your manual. Thank you so much. This manual is a must have for ps2 owners even if your machine is working fine. Thanks again Mark. John Aldridge
Reston Virginia

Just wanted to let you know that I was, honest to God, on my way to buy a new PS2 until I saw your guide. My husband said not to waste my money on such BS but I don't listen :) I got this thing up and running again in less than a half hour. I don't have to tell you how much money I saved and I am now Queen for the day! Hehehehe! Thanks so much, I'm tickled pink!

Sarah Vargas
Hammond, Indiana

I bought a PS2 for my son last Christmas. It has been sitting (broken) on his shelf for the past eight months. Paying out an additional $120 to have it fixed was not in my budget. Less than an hour ago, I bought your manual through PayPal.com. Within the first three minutes after completing the order, I was able to download the manual that you sent through email. It took less than 20 minutes to fix my son's PS2! The look on his face was priceless! For the past 30 minutes, he has been playing his favorite game without any problems. Thank You!

To All Who Doubt This Works: Don't waste your money anywhere else! I am a single Mom who hasn't a clue how to fix ANYTHING, yet I was able to fix our PS2 within 20 minutes! The manual contains step-by-step instructions, including pictures, that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand! The best part is that I can print the manual or save it to disc so that if something ever goes wrong again, I can fix it myself! IT WORKS....BUY IT!!!!!

Jennifer Roberts


Just want to thank you for the great manual. I have a weekend Video game exchange business at a large flea market. One of my customers brought in his PS2 stating that it would not read the Blue PS-2 games. Sure enough when I checked it out he was right. I told him that I would look at it and see if I could fix it.
I purchased your manual, followed your procedures under "disk read errors", and now his PS-2 can read blue as well as all the others! The greatest part was he was happy when I told him it would only cost him $40.00 for the repair. So after deducting your very reasonable price of $9.95 for the repair manual, I have already made a profit of $30.05! Now I am advertizing that I can repair PS-2 consoles!

By the way SoftwareDesignz, if you have any people that doubt what you say about the effectiveness of your manual, feel free to have them contact me. I am looking forward to purchasing more of your products in the near future. In the meantime, you can be assured that you MADE A BELIEVER OUT OF ME!

Bill Spickerman
Gamester's Haven
Bossier City, Louisiana

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